Breaded Pork Cutlet with Sauteed String Beans and Mashed Potatoes

Breaded Pork Cutlet with Sauteed Garlic String Beans and Creamy Mashed Potatoes

 Here is another traditional Polish dish - "SCHABOWE"
consisting of freshly sliced pork loin, breaded and fried, served with
light mashed potatoes and delicious sauteed string beans with garlic.
This is a classic meal, usually served with homemade chicken soup as a starter.


1. 8 Slices of Pork Loin
2. Flour
3. 2 Eggs
4. Bread Crumbs
5. Potatoes
6. String Beans
7. 2 tbsp. of Sour Cream
8. 1 tsp. of Dijon Mustard
9. 3 Cloves of Garlic
10. Salt
11. Pepper
12. Garlic Powder
13. Vegetable Oil
14. Fresh Dill


1. Prepare fresh pork loin. It is best to buy an entire pork loin and slice it at home. 
2. Remove excess fat and smash meat with tenderizing hammer. 
3. Season with plenty of salt and pepper. Add a pinch of garlic powder to each cutlet.
4. Set aside. Peel and rinse potatoes (2-3/person). Cook in salted water.
5. While potatoes are cooking, rinse string beans and cook until semi-soft. 
6. When string beans are semi-soft, drain and set them aside.
7. Prepare ingredients for breading. Flour, whisked eggs, and breadcrumbs should be on separate plates.
8. Add one cutlet to the flour, then add to the eggs. Lastly, cover with breadcrumbs. 
9. Repeat this process until all cutlets are breaded. 
10. Heat skillet with a decent amount of vegetable oil. 
11. Place one breaded cutlet onto the hot pan, then add the second. *Cook until golden-brown on both sides.
12. Heat small skillet. Add semi-soft string beans. Season with salt and pepper.
13. Add minced garlic to the string beans and cook for a minute or so. 
14. Potatoes should be cooked by now, drain and mash. Add sour cream and mustard. Mix and mash.
15. Chop fresh dill and add to potatoes. Serve. 

*To prevent dry meat, do not cook meat on any side more than once.
*In other words, do not flip continuously. 
*Be patient, allow the one side to cook, then flip and cook the other side. The meat will be perfect. 

Enjoy :)


  1. Hi Jagoda...nice presentation ! great idea to scoop the mashed potato, I never done before :-)

  2. najlepszy obiad! jutro tworzę taki sam!

  3. Pyszny, sycący tradycyjny obiad :)

  4. It looks so yummyyy...

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  5. Looks great, well presented :)

  6. Just a perfect meal, the mash, beans and the crusty bread pork. I am loving it but I don't cook pork at home. Simple reason, my other does not eat pork. Lemme try with chicken and I am absolutely sure the taste will be heavenly as the one your made.

  7. This looks delicious. I would love to have for dinner any time of the week.

  8. te wszystkie pysznosci ktore widze na Twoim blogu, jadlam i od nich utylam :) teraz jestem na diecie i unikam jak ognia ;)

  9. tzn na diecie nie juz zakonczylam diete ale staram sie odzywiac wg zasad paleo ;)

  10. Looks really delicious!
    I am following you and I hope you will follow me back :*
    kisses from Poalnd <3


  11. wygląda pięknie! uwielbiam takie dania, nie są trudne w przygotowaniu, a bardzo smaczne:) zapisuje i na pewno skorzystam! dziękuję:*

  12. Ja preferuję tylko kotlety z kurczaka :)

    pozdrawiam :*

  13. Jezu, jak to smakowicie wygląda ! Jestem wniebowzięta patrząc na ten posiłek. Odrobina musztardy do ziemniaków ? Niezły pomysł ! Pozdrawiam x

  14. mniami mniam mniam ♥ pyszności :)

  15. Delicious!!!
    This seems like a recipe of Italian cooking!!!
    Happy friday hun!

  16. mniaaam, aż mam ochotę zjeść. <3

  17. It looks so delicious, yum!

  18. chętnie spróbuję zrobić^^

  19. Mmmm... Delicious :P Love your blog. I'm following you. :) I'm waiting for new post. Kisses :*
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  20. Pięknie i pysznie się prezentuje :) Aż zgłodniałam !

  21. there is something so inviting about this comfort plateful of home cooked delicacies,very well presented and delicious :-)

  22. U mnie "schabowe" tylko z kurczaka :D a fasolkę uwielbiam :))
    pozdrawiam :)

  23. Another mouth-watering dish:) Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  24. fajnie, ale ja niestety nie jem mięsa ;d fasolka jak najbardiej

    zapraszam do siebie na nowy post

  25. taaak, wakacje do października to jest to!
    czemu piszesz po angielsku? =D

    1. ulala! światowa dziewczyna :) ja też jetsem z Krakowa ;)

  26. Ja nie moge na glodniaka takich rzeczy ogladac! :) Mniam, mniam...

  27. pyszności super zapraszam

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  29. Chętnie bym zjadła Twoją wersję. Każda smakuje inaczej. ;)


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