Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Heart Healthy Lunch

Mixed Salad  

with Tomato & Cucumber & Salmon

Today, I wanted to make something simple and healthy.
I did some quick shopping, grabbed a prepared salad mix, cucumber, tomatoes, and canned salmon. 
It was a very satisfying lunch and most importantly, HEALTHY



Ingredients-     Prep Time ~10mins

1. Salad Mix (I had a mix of salads and spinach, see above photos)
2. 1 Cucumber 
3. 4-5 Small Tomatoes
4. 1 Canned Salmon
5. Pepper
6. Olive Oil
7. Salt (optional)




1. Place salad mixture into bowl.
2. Rinse tomatoes and cucumber.
3. Peel cucumber, slice finely.
4. Cut tomatoes into quarters.
5. Add sliced cucumber and tomatoes into salad mixture.
6. Add canned salmon by breaking into smaller pieces.
7. Add plenty of pepper.
8. Add a tablespoon of olive oil and mix contents thoroughly. Serve.
*Feel free to add salt for flavor.




  1. wow!! everything here looks soo deliciously goood!! :) I really mean it ;)

  2. wow!! everything looks soo deliciously gooood here!! ;) I really mean it! :) I love your page ;*


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