Monday, April 8, 2013

Salad for Lunch

Vegetable Salad with Tomato and Mozzarella


Ingredients-  Prep Time ~15mins    Serving Size ~4

1. Salad (Mixed salad or your favorite salad, your choice)
2. 1 Medium sized Carrot
3. 1/2 Large Cucumber
4. ~5 Red Radish Heads
5. 1/2 Large Red Bell Peper
6. ~10 Cherry Tomatoes
7. 1/2 Small Can of Sweet Corn
8. Handful of Chives
9. 1/2 of Medium Mozzarella Ball (per person)
10. Few pieces of onion from the chives
11. 2 Pieces of Chives for decoration
12. Olive Oil or dressing of your choice
13. Fresh dill (add to taste)




Instructions -

1. Wash all your vegetables nicely, peel the carrot.
2. Divide salad into smaller pieces and place in large bowl.
3. Grate the carrot and add to salad.
4. Slice radish into thin pieces and add to salad.
5. Take half of a large cucumber and peel and slice into thin pieces. Save the other half ;)
6. Cut the red bell pepper in half. Slice half into nice thin pieces. Save other half.
7. Take a few cherry tomatoes and slice into halves. Add everything to the salad.
8. Add sweet corn.
9. Mix everything well, and add chopped chives at the end. I also added a few onion pieces.
10. Mix well, again. Add favorite dressing, I used Italian. You may just add some olive oil.
11. Serve on plate, cut mozzarella into slices and add on salad in a clockwise format. 
12. Add some cherry tomatoes on top of the mozzarella.
13. Decorate with nice green chives.




  1. MMM pyszności, a jak pięknie podana. Z chęcią bym się poczęstowała ;)

  2. jestem największą fanką mozarelli na świecie <3

    dziś zapraszam na kurczaka curry!


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