Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mini Breakfast Sandwiches

Mini Toasts

with Egg & Tomato & Spinach


Good morning! 
Luckily, no morning classes today, 
which means I can make something less boring for breakfast!


Ingredients-     Prep Time ~15mins 

( **If you are really hungry, this will be very satisfying for one person)
1. 2 Pieces of Good Quality White Bread
2. Butter
3. ~6 Leaves of Spinach (or more, for decoration)
4. 1 Tomato
5. 1 Egg
6. Salt
7. Pepper
8. Handful of Chives     



1. Cook one egg for about six minutes. Take pot off heat and keep in hot water for one more minute. Drain hot water and add cold water.
2. Slice tomato and chives if they are fresh. I had some frozen leftover.
3. Wash spinach and set aside, dry.
4. Cut bread into smaller pieces (see above photos).
5. Spread butter and toast in oven for about four minutes (240C) or until desired color and crispiness.
6. The egg is now ready, peel and slice. 
7. Remove bread from oven, place one spinach leaf, one tomato slice, and one egg slice on one piece of bread.
8. Continue until sandwiches are finished.
9. Add salt and pepper to taste.
10. Add chives on top of the eggs.
11. Decorate with salad/spinach and tomato halves.   



  ENJOY :)       


  1. Ale pięknie wyglądają te kanapeczki! mniam szkoda,że sobie nie mogę wyciągnąć tak jednej z komputera żeby spróbować ;(
    Mój Mężczyzna też nie jada sushi ;p nie jadł i nie będzie jadł ;p

  2. mniam! jestem przed drugim śniadaniem! chyba zjem coś takiego!

  3. Smakowite i kolorowe...poproszę o jedną ;)


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