Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sausage Bean Soup

Pork Sausage Red Bean Soup

Today, I would like to share with everyone a soup that is usually 
prepared during the cold winter months, 
however, it tastes just as great all year round.
This is one of my favorite soups, ever since I was little.
A great tip for this soup, like for most others,is to cook it
one day before serving. When the soup settles in the fridge ovrenight,
 the flavors unite and the reheated soup is even more delicious.


1. 1 Large Pork Sausage 
2. 3 Medium-Small Carrots
3. 1 Medium-Large Parsley Root
4. 1 Large Onion
5. 1 Red Bell Pepper
6. 1 Can of Red Kidney Beans
7. 5 Teaspoons of Tomato Paste
8. 2 Teaspoons of Marjoram
9. Salt
10. Pepper
11. ~1.5-2L Water
12. Slice of Bread (optional) 
13. Grated Yellow Cheese (optional)



1. Prepare vegetables, rinse and clean. Peel carrots, parsley root, and onion.
2. Finely dice onion and red pepper, cut carrots and parsley root into half-moons.
3. Slice sausage, follow above photos, into half-moons.
4. Preheat large soup pot, do NOT add oil. 
5. Add sliced sausage. Cook until it releases oil and starts to brown.
6. When oil has formed, add onions and cook until they are translucent. 
7. Add chopped carrots, parsley root, and red bell pepper. Mix well.
8. Sprinkle vegetables and sausage with salt. Mix frequently to prevent burning.
9. Cook for about five minutes, and then add water to fill soup pot. Less than 2liters should suffice.
10. Add tomato paste and cook uncovered for about thirty minutes on medium heat.
11. Check flavor, add more salt and pepper if necessary and add one can of kidney beans. 
12. Lower heat, add two teaspoons of marjoram, mix, and cook for thirty more minutes.
13. Serve when hot with a slice of rye bread and grated cheese.

Enjoy :)


  1. Interesting and exciting. The soups I make are different than your version but I love it. The flavors from the sausage are great for the base and the stock.

    We usually have soups for dinners, actually more for my other half. Certainly our meal for the weekend.

  2. I know that I would eat this soup all year round too. It looks so delicious.

  3. czy to fasolowa? ojjj dawno nie jadłam:)

  4. ładnie wygląda, ale nie zjadłabym pewnie ;P

  5. gdyby tylko nie ta cebula :D!

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  7. Yum, this looks delicious!! So good! I shouldn't have read this at work hah!
    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog OR But First Coffee on Bloglovin

  8. Your soup looks delicious! I would definitely love this soup:) Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  9. thanks a lot for lovely comment on my blog.. i just followed you back...

    keep in touch.... :)

  10. mmmmmm ale pycha!:)

  11. Yummy Yummy in my tummy! :) I shall try this!


  12. niezwykle smakowicie to wygląda.


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