Monday, May 27, 2013

Chili Con Carne

Chili Con Carne

I had such a busy week with my studying...
I'm back and ready to cook! 
I hope to never disappoint anyone ever again!
I hope this chili will make up for it :)

Ingredients-  Cooking Time ~2h

1. 500g Ground Beef (Beef/Pork Ground Meat Mix)
2. 2 Large Onions
3. 4-5 Chili Peppers (add less for milder flavor, add more for spicy chili)
4. 1 Large Red Bell Pepper
5. Canned Kidney Beans 
6. Sweet Canned Corn
7. 2 Cans of Chopped Tomatoes
8. Salt
9. Pepper
10. Cayenne Pepper
11. Dried Cumin
12. Dried Garlic
13. Paprika
14. Dried Chili
15. 2-3 Cloves of Fresh Garlic
16. Sour Cream (optional, as well as cheese)   
17. 2 Tablespoons of Oil 



1. Prepare vegetables. Wash and dry, finely dice onions and chop peppers and fresh garlic.
2. Heat non-stick sauce pan and add oil. 
3. Saute onions and as they turn translucent, add red peppers. Add a pinch of salt.
4. Add ground beef and cook everything together, mix well. Start adding dried spices, always add less in the beginning and then add more if necessary. I started with 1/2 teaspoon of each spice. 
5. When the meat has cooked and turned brown, transfer contents from sauce pan to large pot.
6. Heat the pot and add two cans of tomatoes to the meat and vegetable mixture.
7. Cook on medium-low heat for about 45minutes. 
8. Mix every 10-15minutes during this time and at the end, add canned kidney beans.
9. Lower the heat, and add canned corn as well. Add more spices, salt and pepper as well, if needed.
10. Cook on low heat for another 20-25minutes.      
11. Taste, adjust flavor if neccessary. Remove pot from heat and although you may serve for dinner already, I tend to leave my chili for a few hours to cool and set it in the fridge overnight and reheat it the following day for all the spectacular flavors to come together.
12. Serve when hot! Top off with sour cream and/or cheese!


ENJOY  :)  



  1. musze to zrobić, ochotka jest od daaaawna!

    zapraszam na pomarańczowe ciacho!

  2. Hallo Jagoda... great idea, chili con carne with corn, never tried it before, last month I've made chili con carne too.

  3. Ohhhhhh! Thats quite a combo of chilies. I am a big chili queen, so its the kind of food I would love to dig in.

  4. OMG! It looks soo nice! I need to do chili con carne couse I heard that it tastes really, really good! <3

  5. jedna z moich ulubionych potraw!

  6. chyba bym się nie odważyła ;)

  7. Kocham naprawdę ostre potrawy ! Wiem, że nie można przesadzać, bo w moim przypadku źle to wpływa na skórę, ale jak widzisz takie chili con carne, to naprawdę ciężko jest się powstrzymać <3 :) a co gotujemy jutro? :)

    A u mnie: czy możemy spotkać WĘŻA.. W TOALECIE? :)


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